Our involvement in Microsoft's San Francisco press event.

We are not pursuing A.I. to beat humans at games.

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft

San Francisco, Tuesday 13th December 2016

OptaNet’s digital and telecommunications excellence is relied upon by Microsoft to deliver their shows worldwide. Although typically these shows are some of their largest, we are also required to deliver smaller events and announcements. We deliver the core network allowing attendees to connect and Microsoft’s message to be broadcast worldwide.

Today Microsoft held a press event in San Francisco to highlight their work in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is about helping everyone achieve more collaboratively, humans and machines working together to make the world a better place.

Microsoft paraded a range of technologies such as Cortana, Microsoft Translator and Zo, which is an evolution of Tay and already used by over 115,000 people. Zo is capable of learning and responding emotionally and intelligently.

Microsoft are taking a four-pronged approach to how they think about Microsoft AI and how they pursue this bold ambition to democratize AI for all:


They’re going to harness artificial intelligence to fundamentally change how we interact with the ambient computing, the agents, in our lives.


They’ll make these same intelligent capabilities that are infused in their apps — the cognitive capabilities — available to every application developer in the world.


They’re building the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer and making it available to anyone, via the cloud, to enable all to harness its power and tackle AI challenges, large and small.


They’re going to infuse every application that we interact with, on any device, at any point in time, with intelligence.

Uber uses face recognition APIs in Cognitive Services to enhance their mobile applications and ensure passenger safety.

With Microsoft Translator you can now translate conversations in real time and it’s capable of translating up to 100 speakers.

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