Brighton and New York based internet service provider and live event networking company OptaNet, have secured a key role at the Dota 2 Championships, thanks to their ongoing relationship with F1 Consultancy.

Dota 2 is a highly successful multiplayer online battle arena video game, developed by Valve, the American video game development and digital distribution company.

Between 3rd – 8th August 2015, The International Dota 2 Championships takes place at the Key Arena in Seattle, with preliminary wildcard qualifications and seeding taking place at the nearby Westin Hotel. Teams from America, Europe, China and South East Asia hope to claim a share of the $17.5 million prize fund.

OptaNet have been trusted to ensure gamers can compete and over 20 million fans can stream the live event from around the world.

Two 10Gb circuits have been installed as primary and secondary lines, along with a third 1Gb wireless solution. The core has been designed to keep the real time gamers on one 10Gb circuit with back-office and attendee traffic on a second 10Gb circuit. Failover configuration allows the traffic automatically fail over from Circuit 1 to Circuit 2 or visa versa in the event that both 10Gb circuits were to fail then a truly diverse wirelessly delivered circuit would take over the essential traffic to ensure that the event has a successful outcome.

OptaNet have provided all the core networking equipment including 10 Gigabit Cisco Nexus 3064 layer 3 switches and Cisco ASA security appliances. Complex security rules have been deployed to mitigate against possible denial of service attacks. The network is deploy in an N+1 design ensuring that the network has no single point of failure.

An onsite Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed with high level engineers equipped with a supporting suite of tools is constantly polling devices for status and health so that we can respond and react to events before a situation can become service impacting.

OptaNet CEO and Managing Director David Elliott commented “The popularity of video games as a spectator sport has grown significantly in the past three years. With over 15 years’ experience in the events and ISP industries, we are uniquely positioned to deliver stable, fast, secure and resilient solutions. This provides our clients with peace of mind, so they can focus their attention elsewhere.”

For more information about OptaNet please visit or call the UK office on +44 (0)203 475 3611 or the US office on +1 206 922 8950. F1 Consultancy can be contacted on (425) 703-5500 or via their website