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OptaNet FibreFlex 

Internet flexibility even if you’re in contract.

No matter what broadband product you purchase from OptaNet, it will include FibreFlex. FibreFlex allows you to upgrade to a faster download speed or product, for free, even if you’re still within contract.

OptaNet FibreFlex

Ever been tied to a contract that wasn’t suitable for you anymore? You won’t get that with OptaNet. FibreFlex removes the risk from signing a contract, as we’ll upgrade your internet product when you need to, for free, even if you’re still in contract.

If you’re on Standard ADSL Broadband or Superfast FTTC Broadband product with OptaNet, as soon as Ultrafast Broadband becomes available, we’ll upgrade you, even if you’re one month into a 24 month contract!

If you’re already on Ultrafast Broadband, you can upgrade to a faster download speed whenever you want. For example, start on FTTP 80, with 80Mbps download speeds, and then upgrade to any of the FTTP speeds up to 1Gbps at a later date. There’s no fee and you’ll be upgrade the next working day. The process is simple and you’ll use the same 5* rated Wi-Fi router we give you so there’s no on-site work required either.

Finally, all our wired fibre leased lines and wireless leased lines come with FibreFlex as well. Our fibre leased lines can be upgraded all the way up to 10Gbps!

You don’t need to request FibreFlex. It comes with every business broadband product as standard. Just another reason to choose OptaNet for your business connectivity.


OptaNet Broadband Router

A free 5* rated router for life

Our router works across all our products.

No matter what broadband product you’re on, you’ll receive our business broadband WiFi router, to keep. We won’t ask for it back. As you upgrade through the products, the same router can be used.